Water Containing Salts

Everyone is probably aware of "salt" problems found in water supplies such as bore (underground) water or have heard of "salt" problems associated with the River Murray (about 4000 megalitres of river Murray water flowing past Morgan each day carries around 1000 tonnes of "salt").


There is a general misconception that this "salt" is the same as the salt they put on their dinner or that that is found in the sea! Not so, this is only one type of "salt" being sodium chloride (NaCl). Other "salts" found in water can include compounds such as calcium, calcium carbonate, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron and the list goes on. Water containing these "salts" is known as "Hard Water".


Some of these "salts" can be damaging to both humans and plant life alike however, depending on the amounts and makeup of the "salts" present there are various methods available to treat or remove them from the water stream including magnetic reactors, water softeners and reverse osmosis filtration. Water containing high levels of "salt" can cause salinity in soils when the water is used for irrigation.


Removal or treatment methods can range dramatically in cost and infrastructure requirements so a full analysis of the water is crucial prior to a solution being recommended and installed. Ongoing soil analysis is highly recommended where the water is utilized for irrigation.

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